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Russell Hoban interviewed at the 2010 Serpentine Map Marathon

Map Marathon 2010 - Russell Hoban in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist

In 2010 Russell Hoban took part in the Serpentine Gallery's Map Marathon event. Taking place over a weekend, the busy event was a kind of cultural festival of all things to do with maps and map-making. Russell was interviewed by event curator Hans Ulrich Obrist mostly about Riddley Walker, which features in its frontispiece a Hoban-drawn map of the post-apocalyptic Kent of "Inland" and whose plot sees the eponymous hero constantly "roading" around the landscape. 

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"Perhaps this world that's in us, this world that we're in, was never meant to be fixed and permanent; perhaps it's only one of a continuous succession of world-ideas passing through the world-mind. And we are, all of us, the passing and impermanent perceivers of it."

Russell Hoban ~ From the Novel ‘Fremder'


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Text of a talk given at a 1971 Exeter conference gathered in the journal "Children's Literature in Education" Volume 3, Number 3, November 1972. Access to subscribers only.
Over the years, for his contribution to the annual SA4QE event, longtime fan Olaf Schneider has created multimedia Flash animations inspired by quotations from Russell Hoban's books. Impressionistic, atmospheric and surreal, the (so far) 27 animations range from a moving Belhousov-Zhabotinsky...
This extract on Google Books from Daniel Noel's 2004 collection "In a Wayward Mood" appears to include his entire 23-page essay on Hoban. Noel's paper starts with Riddley Walker and goes on to explore related themes in Pilgermann and The Medusa Frequency. Also touches on...
In a terrifying dream-journey John struggles through jungle undergrowth, travelling through fierce rapids and exploring a mystery passage before he discovers a courtyard guarded by a stone winged serpent. There John meets another John, his real self, and realises that he is only part of the dream.
Short piece in the UK Independent by Mick Jackson: "Hoban's book is a work of such colossal and devastating invention it makes other novels look weedy by comparison."
The Moment under The Moment is a 1992 collection of short stories, essays and fragments, most of which had been previously published in periodicals and elsewhere. Contents, with comments on selected items: Short stories The Man with the Dagger My Night with Léonie Schwartz The Raven The Colour of...
Account and transcript of Hans Ulrich Obrist's interview with Russell Hoban.
James Parker puts an eloquent case for making Riddley Walker into a film in this New York Times opinion piece.
Russell Hoban talks to the Guardian's James Hopkin about his move to London, his eccentric work-room and various novels including The Medusa Frequency.