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Russell Hoban interviewed at the 2010 Serpentine Map Marathon

Map Marathon 2010 - Russell Hoban in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist

In 2010 Russell Hoban took part in the Serpentine Gallery's Map Marathon event. Taking place over a weekend, the busy event was a kind of cultural festival of all things to do with maps and map-making. Russell was interviewed by event curator Hans Ulrich Obrist mostly about Riddley Walker, which features in its frontispiece a Hoban-drawn map of the post-apocalyptic Kent of "Inland" and whose plot sees the eponymous hero constantly "roading" around the landscape. 

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‘.... “It’s one of those crazy things, like when you read in the paper that the big brains figure the world’s going to end in 150 billion years and you think, well, we’ve got a little time yet. But a week later the big brains change their estimate to 50 billion years and you pull the covers over your head and have a nervous breakdown. Imagine! No more world and nobody to remember there was ever a world.” ’


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Brief word-sketches from 1957 issue of Sports Illustrated. May have accompanied an original drawing or painting, which are not included.
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Description/synopsis required.
Appreciation of Russell Hoban and the SA4QE fan event by Nick Campbell from the We Are Cult blog.
Russell Hoban talks to Dee Palmer on camera about "Using the first-person narrative, The starting point of the novel, Writing as 'quest', Influence of English writing, and Myth-making". 36 minutes. The link here goes to the page on the Roland Collection website where you can...
Jonathan Fitch was shocked by Mr Rinyo-Clacton's offer of a million pounds and one year to live, but what happened next was even more shocking. In a state of desperation after being left by the beautiful Serafina, Jonathan does his best to pull up his socks (and his trousers) with varying success....
Link to all articles on the online version of Granta magazine by Russell Hoban. Subscribers only. Most pieces were later collected in The Moment under The Moment (1992); we have not been able to verify whether the Granta pieces differ from the Moment versions. Titles: Footplacers, London Transport...
The second part of the wonderful lecture/Q&A Russell Hoban gave to SDSU in 1990. For full background details please see
In a terrifying dream-journey John struggles through jungle undergrowth, travelling through fierce rapids and exploring a mystery passage before he discovers a courtyard guarded by a stone winged serpent. There John meets another John, his real self, and realises that he is only part of the dream.