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The Moment under The Moment (Collection, 1992)

The Moment under The Moment is a 1992 collection of short stories, essays and fragments, most of which had been previously published in periodicals and elsewhere.

Contents, with comments on selected items:

Short stories

The Man with the Dagger

My Night with Léonie


The Raven

The Colour of Love

Dream Woman

Dark Oliver

The Ghost Horse of Genghis Khan

Some Episodes in the History of Miranda and Caliban - an entertainment in two acts with music by Helen Roe

  • Some of Some Episodes... was developed into Hoban's opera collaboration with Harrison Birtwistle, "The Second Mrs Kong".

Non-fiction, essays and sketches

Household Tales by the Brothers Grimm (1976, an introduction to the 1977 Picador Edition)

Portknockie (1981)

Footplacers, London Transport Owls, Wincer-Boise (1982)

Mnemosyne, Teen Taals, and Tottenham Court Road (1982)

Fragments of a Lament for Thelonious Monk (1983)

Pan Lives (1983)

'I, that was a child, my tongue's use sleeping...' (1984)

Certain Obsessions, Certain Ideas (1985-6)

  • This contains an early sketch wherein the dismembered Head of Orpheus (later a character in The Medusa Frequency) is picked up by a policeman and questioned at a police station.

The Bear in Max Ernst's Bedroom or The Magic Wallet (1987)

Blighter's Rock (1989)

North (1989)

  • Some elements of North can be found in Hoban's final book Soonchild.

Masada One Morning (1990)

With a Choked Cry (1991)

Word Pix (1991)


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Jonathan Cape
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