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The Slickman A4 Quotation Event has taken place every 4th February since 2002, in commemoration of Russell Hoban's birth in 1925. Each year on the day, readers from around the world share their favourite quotations from his books by leaving them in public places, invariably written on yellow A4 paper (the sort he used). Fans also post photos of their quotations on this site, and these are gathered under Which quotes did you share this year? (Photo quoting Pilgermann by Sandra, 2017)

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    Dr Mzumi made another note in Klein’s folder. ‘A CT brain scan and a carotid angiogram might be a good idea. They’ll send you an appointment.’

      ‘Thank you. One day you’ll be old and pissing in two streams too. Sorry. Bye-bye.’


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Description (adapted from Amazon): Russell Hoban's last published children's book begins with an ice-lolly stick. Its sweetness gone, it lies discarded and lonely ... until a little girl called Rosie comes along. She places it carefully in her cigar box, full of other sticks. "Without our ice-...
IMDb page on the film version of Russell Hoban's 1975 novel, directed by John Irvin, with screenplay by Harold Pinter, starring Glenda Jackson, Ben Kingsley and Michael Gambon.
Essay by Graeme Wend-Walker. Restricted access. Abstract: "The paper addresses a problem many readers have with Jacqueline Rose's The Case of Peter Pan, or The Impossibility of Children's Fiction: that, while Rose does not mean writing for children should stop, she leaves little...
A short video from the 2005 "Russell Hoban Some-Poasyum" fan convention of the author reading from his then-latest novel. Taken by Olaf Schneider and reproduced with kind permission of Russell Hoban.
Pins curated by Dave Awl
A video posted by the Trouble Puppet theatre company on YouTube showing their approach to staging a puppet version of Riddley Walker. They establish the principal characters in "bunraku" style -- manipulated directly by visible puppeteers -- and do the puppets-within-the-story as hand...
Facebook "community page" based on the Wikipedia article about Russell Hoban's 1980 classic.
Documents a fan event whereby favourite Russell Hoban quotations are left in public places.
Russell Hoban remembers his longtime friend, the children's writer Leon Garfield.
Sarah Ditum writing in the Guardian says Russell Hoban's 1980 dystopian classic "is unique, melodramatic, and suggests there is more to human beings than being human".