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The late novelist Russell Hoban's life's work has been formally archived two years after his death. Writer and journalist Paul Cooper was recruited to catalogue the manuscripts and letters, which run to over 800 items in 21 boxes, and include classic works such as Riddley Walker and The Mouse and His Child. Working at Hoban's London home of 40 years, Cooper uncovered some fascinating items including early drafts of Riddley Walker in standard English, letters from Harold Pinter, an invitation to the White House and unpublished children's story Jim Hedgehog's Midnight Saxophone. Read Paul's fascinating article on the project


Selected Russell Hoban quotation

“My mind is subject to fits of strangeness; this morning coming to work I looked out of the bus window at people talking, crossing the road, running to catch the bus and I thought, all this is really only Death dressing himself up as people talking, crossing the road, running to catch the bus.  Ought a doctor to see things in that way?”

Lines from ‘Come Dance With Me’ by Russell Hoban, writer, 1925-2011

Latest news

Walker Books have announced the release of two more classic collaborations for publication in 2014 and 2015.

Walker Picture Books have issued new editions of two children's books by Russell Hoban, illustrated by Sir Quentin Blake.

Yellow paper with lion, Cape Town 2003, by Lara Hoffenberg

Russell Hoban fans around the world are preparing to celebrate the late writer's words on 4th February with the traditional "SA4QE".

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Composer Adam Donen interviewed Russell Hoban a few months before his death. Here he talks about Orpheus, Riddley Walker, Beethoven, and "the feeling of being inhabited by the thing that looks out through our eye-holes."
Obituary by John Clute for The Guardian.
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Study guide to Barbara J. Becker's most recent course on the history of technology, which uses Riddley Walker as a text; each week's reading includes an extremely detailed "Riddley Guide" with illustrations and commentary on many related subjects.
1983 interview by Edward Blishen about Russell Hoban's then-new novel Pilgermann. From the ICA Talks series, hosted on the British Library website.
Article for Sports Illustrated dated 18 March 1957 in which, "with rare and human insight, Russell Hoban re-creates in words and a painting the bright moment when young Floyd Patterson changed forever and became Heavyweight Champion of the World".
Russell Hoban title

Eighty-three-year-old Irving Goodman falls into an end-of-life crisis triggering an entertaining vampire farce in which a long-dead starlet from black-and-white westerns is brought back to (a kind of) life.

Russell Hoban title

Art teacher Peter first sees Amaryllis in a dream, waiting for a bus which towers above them, a gigantic rice-paper vehicle, lit from within like a Japanese lantern. Then Amaryllis turns up in real life...