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Russell Hoban interviewed at the 2010 Serpentine Map Marathon

Map Marathon 2010 - Russell Hoban in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist

In 2010 Russell Hoban took part in the Serpentine Gallery's Map Marathon event. Taking place over a weekend, the busy event was a kind of cultural festival of all things to do with maps and map-making. Russell was interviewed by event curator Hans Ulrich Obrist mostly about Riddley Walker, which features in its frontispiece a Hoban-drawn map of the post-apocalyptic Kent of "Inland" and whose plot sees the eponymous hero constantly "roading" around the landscape. 

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The black man turned and looked at me. "Tortuguero," he said. He said it like a password but made no secret sign. He said it because he needed to say the name aloud just there and then to me. I nodded, felt dizzy.... How did he know that I knew where Tortuguero was? I shall never see the picture.


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Page outlining the multimedia art exhibition at Bergen's Kunsthall whose title is inspired by Russell Hoban's 1980 novel Riddley Walker and also includes a copy of his first book "What Does It Do And How Does It Work" among the exhibits. From the site: "The Noing Uv It is...
Pins curated by Dave Awl
Short article dated November 12, 1956 for Sports Illustrated accompanying some illustrations Russell Hoban did for the same issue (unfortunately not included) of Toronto Maple Leafs hockey players. (Link fixed 28/6/14)
In 2013, writer and journalist Paul Cooper was given the enviable task of cataloguing Russell Hoban's manuscripts. In this fascinating article written especially for, he recalls some of his discoveries.
Extensive Guardian Weekend profile of Russell Hoban by Nicholas Wroe from 2002, examining the author's life from his birth in Pennsylvania in 1925 via his army experiences, early books including The Mouse and His Child, his early novels, and on to Riddley Walker, later novels such as The Bat...
Lindsay Edmunds writes in the Huffington Post about the 2013 reissue of Russell Hoban's classic novel Turtle Diary.
Excellent obituary by Tim Martin recalling Russell Hoban's novels and the dedication of his fans.
Interview with actress Julianne Moore, to which she showed up clutching a copy of Russell Hoban's classic novel Turtle Diary. No details sadly of whether this would indicate that Moore is set to play Naeara in a new Hollywood blockbuster version...
At the bottom of this page, Russell Hoban's 2001 novel Amaryllis Night and Day is listed among Jenny Colgan's summer book choice dated 19th July 2002. You can download a .ram file to listen on your own audio player (not tested).