SA4QE 2014 - dogfrendy - Melbourne, Australia

$10.26 well spent.

I was accidentally reminded of todays significance by a colleague, my mind somehow connecting a statement of hers to a book, followed by a half remembrance and a Google search. 

A pleasant serendipity in a week of less than pleasing coincidences. It led, in fairly short order, to the oddly cathartic activity of taping sheets of yellow paper to.......things.

At some point the quotes took charge. I was pulling them out of my bag at random and it was windy and it was getting too dark but it all seemed to make a perfect kind of sense and I ended up spending several hours dispensing Hoban to the inner city.    

“If we'd been edible we'd never have lasted this long.” 

42 sheets of yellow paper this year.   

SA4QE is something I have long meant to be contribute to, but have routinely overlooked. I shall look forward to participating again in years to come.

Unless I forget.

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