SA4QE 2014 - Lindsay Edmunds - Pennsylvania, United States

I usually pick a short quotation for the SA4QE event, but this year I decided to go long. This one relates to Russ's native state, Pennsylvania, which happens to be mine, too. Although I did not get a picture, I did set the quotation free and let it be found. Because it is about water, I left it propped up in front of a display of fountains, all running, in a store named Trax. Trax has been around since the mid 19th century, and its survival, never mind its apparent prosperity, is deeply improbable. It sells plants, garden things, groceries, soup, baked goods, sandwiches, wine, produce, and -- up a steep flight of stairs -- antiques. The quotation looked like it belonged in front of the fountains, which made a sound I imagined to be like the water flowing from the iron pipe in the quotation.

Dr Jim Long was born in Pennsylvania, and sometimes when his mind is pedalling in busy circles he recalls a thing from his youth. He recalls a drink of water from a mountain spring in the Appalachians. He was hot and sweaty and tired when he came upon a stone trough with water flowing into it from an iron pipe. Cold sparkling mountain water filling the trough from an iron pipe that was beaded with droplets of condensation. There were leaves and sand and tiny crayfish in the bottom of the trough. He plunged his face into the water and drank the best drink he would ever have in his life. The leaves of the trees were stirring in the summer breeze. Everything was more than itself.


"Here's to you Cyd. We'll stay danced with."

Quotation refers to the passing of the great American dancer, Cyd Charisse.

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