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The Carrier Frequency (Play, 1984)

From the Stan's Cafe website: "The Carrier Frequency, Impact Theatre's collaboration with the novelist Russell Hoban, was one of the Eighties' most outstanding and influential theatre shows. It is set in a post-nuclear world, where brutalised steel and concrete structures rise from a giant pool of water. It depicts six figures lost in an absurd and exhausting ritual, trying to revive a departed civilisation. Despite its harrowing subject matter, the show retains moments of ludicrous slapstick and verbal wit."

Full details: http://www.stanscafe.co.uk/project-carrier-frequency.html

Notes: Russell Hoban posted some remarks to The Kraken in 2003 about the play: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/the-kraken/conversations/messages/2569

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Impact Theatre Cooperative

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