SA4QE 2022 - Ra McGuire - White Rock, Canada

Happy Birthday, Russ, in this second year of our COVID, 2022. I wonder what you would have made of this. 

There is an actual stage door, here in White Rock, BC to which I could have taped this stage-door-related quote. It's an unmarked brown door, surrounded by a broad expanse of unremarkable brown wall. A proper picture of The White Rock Players Club, taken from across the street, would show only a pinpoint of yellow, over near the left corner. 

So I've taped my yellow paper to a tourist map (of the Gulf and San Juan Islands) at the beach, very near the spot where I left my first yellow paper those many years ago. Here's to 2022, everyone. Trubba not. 

If reality had a stage door I’d hang around there and see what came out after the show.

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White Rock